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Email From Minelab 100 Dollar Off Equinoxs Until The End 2022

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Hi Just got this on a email from Minelab about 100 dollars off both detectors.

 This probably due to the New Minelab that all the talk has been about. 
 Maybe Minelab is telling us that the Manticore will be replacing the Equinox line of detector.

 Only time will tell us as Paul Harvey would say the rest of the story.




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The question has been put forth on the forum what you have for a backup detector.

 Well if you find yourself in need of one at dirt cheap price  then take a look at the Equinox 600 for $ 599. Then if you are a Vet Minelab is almost paying you to buy it.

 So when you strutting around on the beach with your new Manticore from Minelab and someone ask what is your backup detector.

 You can just say the second best to my Manticore another Minelab the Equinox 600 .

 What can I say guys Some Got It and Others Got To Go Get It.

 You got to the end of this year to get yours.

 The Best To Each and Everyone Of You.



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My step father had a saying he’d use off and on before he died.

 I really think in a way this sale that Minelab has on the Equinox fits his saying.

 Here goes; I wish he had a feather up his butt and I had that. Whatever that was . He’d finish off with we’d be both tickled to death.

 You’d be tickle to death to have either one of the Nox at a great price and here’s your opportunity.

 For what it’s worth department I’m no dealer if you’re wondering.


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