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About An Hour At A Campground

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5 hours ago, CPT_GhostLight said:

Yay, Bob, you got the gold! Well done! 😎


Thanks Cap'n. They're out there. This is a big "park", the only kind I get to hunt, as my county has none. It's been a very busy field for years, there had to be something there as no one ever asked to detect in the Managers' memory.

You should be getting one soon. 🤞

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Just now, rvpopeye said:

Great permission with a ring for the win ! 👍  

Thanks RVP. I always try to get a campground to let me detect. Haven't been shot down so far! Once a person tried to get them to stop me, but after I found live ammo buried next to a fire pit, they eagerly recanted 🤣

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