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Only In Australia Would You Just Go For A Walk And Trip Over A Gemstone

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A Queensland man has made a fortuitous find after spotting a glittering rock that turned out to be a precious gem "the size of a small child's fist".
In video uploaded to TikTok, Matt Betteridge can be heard exclaiming "Holy Dooley" when he releases the large gem from the earth. He declares it to be a "monster" 834 carat sapphire.

Speaking to 9news.com.au, Betteridge said the find left him in absolute shock.

The 'monster' sapphire was spotted glinting in the ground. The 'monster' sapphire was spotted glinting in the ground. (TikTok: @betteridge_sapphires)

"We are usually looking for sapphire the size of a fingernail and to find one this size is unreal," he said, revealing the gem has an estimated worth of about $12,500.
"My reaction was disbelief and (we're) absolutely stoked.
"For now we will keep it as a specimen until we decide to sell it - or (get) an offer we can't refuse."
Betteridge uncovered the gem in Rubyvale, near Emerald, which is one of the world's largest sapphire-bearing areas.

He said the heavy rain that's been bearing down on the east coast over the past few months have made the sapphires easier to find.
Days before he uncovered the 834 carat rock, he made another impressive discovery; a 359 carat sapphire.
At the time that was the biggest sapphire he had found, but little did he know the record would be broken days later.

Days earlier Matt Betteridge found a 359 carat sapphire at Rubyvale. Days earlier Matt Betteridge found a 359 carat sapphire at Rubyvale. (TikTok: @betteridge_sapphires@)

Betteridge revealed what prospective prospectors should look out for should they be tempted to try their luck on Queensland's gemfields.
"They just shine like a bit of broken glass," he said.

"Look for your darker stones ... they sort of stand out.


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