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First Key Date Coin

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Not a very good photo but here it is @GB_Amateur.

1886 Nickle.jpg

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On Halloween I give each trick-or-treater multiples.  I should give you an extra thumbs up.


Given the potential value, I would be careful cleaning it up.  Any cleaned coin is worth less than one with typical circulation patina (with otherwise similar wear) and this one probably needs it.  But if it were me I'd research cleaning methods carefully and test them on other (m/l valueless) nickels in similar condition before I touched this one.

I'm a neophyte when it comes to photo enhancing, but I played around with (rotating, cropping, sharpening?) the image you posted:


I think this shows the date a bit better, but that might be an illusion.  I think this website, given a limit on storage, reduces the size (and resolution) of photos uploaded.  For example, the file I uploaded (above) was 87 kB on my computer.  When I subsequently downloaded it the size was 25 kB.  I suspect your original was in the megabyte size range.  (I may be all wrong in my interpretation.)


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Nice coin JCR! Thanks for going through all that trouble. 🏆 

The date does show better, thanks GB.

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Thanks all.

I'm not going to do anything more with this coin except encapsulate it.  I had found Nickels to be the most delicate of all coins to try and clean up. i doesn't take much to lose any detail.

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