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Nor Cal Prospecting Club Recommendations

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Hi All, new to the forum and pretty green to nuggetshooting. Was going through the due diligence of finding areas to swing the coil on some shiney and had the bright idea to join a regional club, get on some open claims that I can hone my coil skills on. I was drawn to the GPAA as a well known club but thought I should reach out to the community and see if anyone had any recommendations on clubs to join in the Northern California Area.

I was part of the East Bay Prospectors local GPAA about five years back and went on an outing or two…so I am aware of them. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance, looking forward to getting out there!



as the new guy hopefully this is in the right place and an appropriate topic. Cheers All!

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Thanks for the tips Sourdough Scott , I will surely check those resources out.


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Thanks WesD and Deathray, appreciate your input. Haven’t heard of Slate Creek before I’ll have to look it up. 
Hoping to find something that might not see much snow offering winter time detecting.

cheers all

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