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Fireball Over Southern Ontario Early Saturday Morning

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Dunno, I was half asleep when it came on TV so maybe I got it wrong, I'll try find it on a stream and capture it and put up the interview with the guy.  Yup, he said solar system, the interviewer said universe 🙂


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1 hour ago, jasong said:

What the, I don't even... 😆

I'm assuming a joke, or they meant "solar system", not "universe"?

Here is the new story, I said I was half asleep at the time


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Yeah, she thinks it was from another solar system.  LOL  Not likely in the least.

I would have loved to go meteor hunting when I was younger.  It would be too much walking to find those things now at my age.  I would need to buy a helicopter and go look on the ice for specimens.

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