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Sold = Gpx-5000 5 Coils & More (3 Coils Never Been Used)

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Yes I need to sell a few detectors and this excellent condition GPX-5000 is one of them.

Read carefully.  You are getting a complete excellent condition Minelab GPX-5000 with over $1000 in extras.

Original Minelab GPX-5000 (not a China Fake).  Please view the detailed pics as I want you to see this great condition detector.

Includes the standard items with 2 coils just like if you purchased a new in box unit from me at $4000.  But this package has more.

  • Minelab Commander 8" round coil is ideal for really rough terrain and small nuggets.
  • Minelab Commander 12x15 ellip coil for greater depth on medium size targets and also used in open areas for better ground coverage.
  • As new in box - Super Deep Minelab Commander 18" round coil.  This is best for largest nuggets and Civil War Relic hunters who want to find breast plates at over 3 feet and cannon balls over 4 feet depth.
  • Extra lower tall man rod for using large coils.  Change coils quickly and get back to detecting.
  • An extra 2 piece upper travel shaft for when needing to put your GPX-5000 in a suitcase and fly on a plane.  Factory stock metal shaft comes with this package as well.
  • 3 ways to hear the treasures.
  • A) stock UR-30 headphones (still new in wrapping).
  • B) super light headphones for hot summer days
  • C) Doc's external speaker (attach to harness) to use in areas with rattlesnakes, bears/lions and the wife.
  • Hip Stick to use when swinging the bigger coils and makes things easier.
  • Control box cover to protect the detector housing
  • Nugget Recovery Cup (non metal)
  • Extra set of coil nuts, bolts and washers.
  • All 5 coils have coil covers already attached.
  • The only coils ever used were the 15x12 and the small 8".  Both 11" DD & MONO as well as 18" are new.
  • Detector knowledge/settings charge (most folks don't know)
  • If you don't want all the coil and would rather get a different selection, call me and we'll do what we can.  Realize Minelab coils have better testing and tolerance.
  • This is a very large package of items and may take 2 boxes for shipping that's why the extra charge.  Plus they just raised their rates again and just the insurance alone is crazy now.


Complete package with possibility of Field Training in a group  for 3 days or 1 day 1 on 1 with Lunk in AZ  this winter.

$2300 and I do not charge sales tax.

Thanks, Gerry




Gerry's Detectors












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What the Sam Hill is this ? It’s another great buy bye Gerry on a 5000 with so much extra equipment that goes with it. The 5000 has spoke for its self years now on its capability of finding gold.

 You can see that this detector and all that goes with it is in new are great condition.

 I only ask that you make this great buy so I can make a sale on what I have.

 If I never make a sale it’s good to know you’ve been done right bye Gerry. That’s the only way he works.


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Man now the wheels are turning do I wait for the Axiom or jump on this smokin deal let the head scratching begin LOL

this is like an ultimate package at a great price and instruction on top WOW Just WOW is all I can say decisions


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8 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:


 Sitting on a fence thinking about it all that will get you is a sore butt .haha  


yep you are correct Chuck I would love to jump on this but I think I will hold out for the Axiom I just do not want to swing that much weight with the 5000 but man it is sure tempting LOL

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Don't think you need a hip stick to swing the Axiom 🙂

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  I’ve found myself swinging the Extreme 3500 and 4500 but I never needed a hip stick to do it.

 At 81 the only trouble I’m having now is my knuckles on my right hand keeps dragging the ground.

 You have to admit it’s a great buy for someone and just maybe for the one who can’t afford the Axiom.


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1 hour ago, deathray said:

Dangit! I'm so tempted. How can I hide this purchase from my wife? 😆 

Tell her one of your buddies let you try it out since he had shoulder surgery the doctor told him he won’t be able to detect for a minimum of 8 months...and that’s if he's lucky lol 


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  • Gerry in Idaho changed the title to Sold = Gpx-5000 5 Coils & More (3 Coils Never Been Used)
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