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Steve Herschbach

How To Delete A Classified Ad

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You can edit but not remove posts. To have a classified post/thread removed, simply edit the original post and change the Prefix (the little color banner) from For Sale to SOLD! The ad will then be removed within a day or two.

You may also PM me to request removal.

Ads may be deleted by the admin after 90 days if no attempt is made to update them or otherwise indicate they are still active.

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Could you please remove my ad

ETrac for sale with GoFind 20

Norm Selvog

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    • By Ridge Runner
      Steve had posted that he should be back maybe today if not by tomorrow.
      Steve I for one have miss your take on things that’s been said. I’d have to say we have all been on our best behavior. It helps to have a great bunch of guys as we have on here.
    • By mn90403
      I've been reading the forum for a few years now and doing a bit of posting.  I seemed to have a handle on things but recently I have become confused about the proper place to post and read.
      The Detector Prospector Forum was THE gold forum.  It was all things gold no matter what detector was used.  It seemed to be mostly a Zed forum but that is because so many of us find gold with it.  More gold was found with other detectors but it was also posted here.
      Recently Phrunt and JW went out hunting with the Equinox 800 on the same day with the new 6" coil and they both wrote about it but put it in different forums. (One here and the other in the Fan Club forum.)  I saw one story but not the other until I read the other one had been posted in the Minelab Equinox forum.  Both trips produced gold that I wanted to read about but they were in different forums.
      I have other examples of confusion when I see gold and I see a manufacturer's name also.  If I don't own it I don't really go there if you know what I mean.
      My experience a couple of weekends ago with the 6" coil was not as good as theirs.  I located one piece (.2g) for someone else who had found it with a Zed but couldn't pinpoint it.
      Where should I post that story?  ( In this forum?, Minelab?, Equinox Fan Club?)  haha
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I just spent two months overhauling the website and could use a break from the keyboard. I promised myself a reward when it was done and now it’s time to collect. I am going to be off grid most of the next couple weeks and for those times when I might be in range I am not going to think about it. That being the case you are all on your own until the end of the month.
      My absence is in itself is an experiment just to see what happens. You are all a really great bunch of folks so no worries on my part. I hope you all enjoy both the forum and your own adventures. If things get a little sloppy I will sort it out when I return. So take care, have fun, and see you all on or before Aug 1st.
      The goal when I get back will be a day by day accounting of the adventure with photos and hopefully some good finds to show. I know the adventure will be there regardless of finds - going to be a good time.
      Again, best wishes to all, and thanks for being the best forum members ever!
      Steve Herschbach
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The “Like” button on the forum serves a couple functions. First and foremost, the intent is that the most liked threads should coincide with the threads people think are most worth a read. By liking good posts you are alerting others that they should be interested in the post.
      Likes gives points to the person on the receiving end, which in turn determines who “wins” the Leaderboard each day, which gives people clues as to who posts the most appreciated threads.
      Since this is a points system it is by intent limited because you are supposed to value the number of likes you have to hand out each day. The current limit is 20 per day (they renew daily). This serves 99% of the forum members with no problem.
      I could raise the limit but that helps a very small number of people. My preference is that each person know they have twenty per day to use and hand them out appropriately. It’s not supposed to be like the school where everyone gets a medal just for attending. 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I keep getting requests for at least one forum with a looser format and in particular a place where people can make "that first post" and introduce themselves. So here it is. Meeting people and getting to know them often means general chit chat and such. Anything is pretty much ok here but more than ever it is important people abide by the forum Prime Directive - treat others with decency and respect. Past history and baggage from other forums is not allowed here so just leave it at the door, or do not enter.
      This is the forum most likely to see new members and so all "Forum Info" posts are also archived here for those who want to know more about how the forum software works, etc.
      Other than that - enjoy!
      Now a little history for those totally new to the forum. I used to hang out on all the other forums. The problem over time is I kept bumping into rules. No mentioning certain brands or dealers for fear of offending sponsoring dealers. That will never happen here as the forum members come first. The one that really irritated me was no links to all sorts of things, like other forums. Here, if the subject matter is relevant, please link to it! No silly "Google it" games etc.
      And then there are the trolls. People who just like to stir things up. Childish and rude people. Tons of off topic garbage to wade through to find decent information. Etc. I just got tired of it all because over time it all got worse as forums became more commercial.
      I started these forums to escape all that and with the goal of attracting like minded people who are also tired of all the nonsense. So the main thing here is very, very simple. With the possible exception of this forum, keep discussions on the particular forum subject matter. Be a decent person and better yet, try to help others. On topic, be good - it really is that simple here.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      If you do not join the forum or are not signed in, you may hit a limit of 6 topic views before getting a message asking you to sign in or join the forum. I activate this once or twice a year for a week or two only.
      I think there is tons of great content here, and I don't think asking people to register to see it in an unlimited fashion is too much to ask. Conversely, they don't have to register to see it, they just can't see it all at once. An exception is the Classifieds - it has unlimited viewing.
      The "free views" is variable so I can raise or lower that limit based on what seems reasonable. Six per day was a WAG.
      I do not want to use a lot of bandwidth serving people who do not want to be forum members. It makes the forum slower for people who are members so there needs to be a limit. Membership does have its privileges!
      Here is the current message people who are not signed in will see after 6 topic views:
      You have reached the maximum number of topic views (6 per day) allowed as a guest. If you have registered on the forum before, that means you have not signed in. If you are a member and have lost your password, you may recover it here. If you still can't get logged in, send an email explaining the problem
      If you are not a member of the forum, please sign up to continue browsing our topics. By now you have probably realized there is a lot of great content here. Best of all, membership is free!
      If you really do not want to register for the forum despite unlimited viewing, file download privileges, and more, just come back tomorrow and view another 6 topics. Thank you for visiting DetectorProspector.com!
      If you are registered and check the "Remember Me" box on signing in you should not have to sign in again for ages unless you use a different device, or have cookies disabled (that is what remembers settings for you). People often seem to treat forums like they are banking websites. They are not - for gosh sake pick an easy password, and maybe ever have your browser save it for you for automatic log in.