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Thanksgiving Contest From Gerry's Detectors

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 I all those years my friend and I never was thinking about taking pictures but only on the gold we found. We nugget hunted together and lots of high banking from finding a little to a lot one time. 
 The only pictures I have is what In my mind but they are showing age. But when I call them up they look like it was just yesterday we were working our rears off and enjoying it.

 One picture I have on my phone and I’ll post it.



PS This is not a entry but you know me I like to talk.


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Found just over the hill from Rye Patch on December 13th 2003. Hadnt snowed yet, but it sure has hell started after I was awestruck in finding this gold dental work. For more potential information to the story, look up The Last Indian Massacre Of 1911. I may have found dental work from some of the victims. And in reality everyone on both sides were victims. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll...


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4 hours ago, LuckyLundy said:

I’ve been more than blessed other than with Nuggets!  The Friends, Adventure and lifetime of memories are my best finds.  I was a pretty successful dredger in the Motherlode, but that gave way to full time metal detecting to satisfy my Gold Fever.  I can’t remember every poke I’ve parted with, but if I remember right this one was over 5 ounces.  It’s a mixture of California Foothills nuggets and the bottom one was just a hair shy of 1-ounce from the Sawtooth Knob area of Nevada.  You bet I wonder, where all the big nuggets are at…until the next virgin patch of fatties, keep swinging that coil.



What about that ring?

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