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Garrett Axiom Overseas Pricing


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I hope this doesn't ruffle any feathers but my main concern is getting the Axiom in the hands of as many users outside the USA as possible. Now a few guesstimates* are included here, but my price reasoning for Australia is thus: Wholesale price: US$3,000*

                                                                                                Exchange rate @ .65= AU$4615*

                                                                                                GST Tax                         AU$ 460

                                                                    Air freight (% of large consignment)      AU$   25

                                                                         'Normal' wholesale markup (25%*)  AU$1153

                                                                          'Normal' retail markup (33%*)         AU$1522

                                                                           TOTAL                                                 AU$7775.

Now, given that there will be % adjustments in the 2 markups and US wholesale price, we can now see where the AU$7300 RRP here in Oz comes from. Now I am not advising anyone to do this, BUT no doubt quite a few ppl will indeed do this...  Get a 'Friend' to buy one in the USA @ US$3995 (Exchange AU$6150) then pay the GST tax and airfreight which will be around AU$6950 total. So, even though you're saving a few hundred $$, you have the issue of no local warranty support and all issues have to be dealt with by posting the unit back to the USA. IMHO, not worth the saving, especially thinking long term. If the exchange rate bounces back above US$-AU$ of .75, then we might have to rethink. I think the whole exchange rate issue is the main detraction. Sad but this detector deserves more exposure around the world. I sincerely hope it achieves this, despite the pricing.

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This entire discussion in great lengths (multiple pages) including your “phone a friend” idea was discussed at nauseam back in July/Aug including us being successful in having the kiwi distributor lower their price after I complained.  Welcome to the party… 😉

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Yea, regretfully I'm going to sit the Axiom out, it's just too expensive here for what it is.

The good thing is they've now got them in Africa for sale at a fair few dealers.



The Garrett Axiom Gold Detector is the most powerful and advanced gold machine Garrett has ever produced. Features Garretts Ultra Pulse Induction search technology for absolute performance on gold of all sizes.

The Axiom Pulse Induction Gold Detector is ideal for gold prospectors in Zimbabwe and Zambia hunting for sub-gram gold as well as larger gold nuggets.

Made for gold detecting in Africa, the Axiom “AFRICA PACKAGE” can operate for 16 hours per charge. Included is an extra external battery pack to keep you detecting even longer. A 12v charging kit with charging cables is included enabling you to charge the main battery from any 12v source such as a vehicle or vehicle battery, etc.

Garrett MS-2 wired headphones provide quality audio, allowing you to hear and detect those small gold nuggets.

Two search coils are included for a variety of gold prospecting options:

    13″ Mono search coil
    11″ DD search coil


It's pleasing to see they've made it to the African market, the price at 104,399 Rand seems to be the going price at their dealers.  That ends up being approximately $6,138 USD, $9070 Australian dollars.

That seems really expensive doesn't it?

Then you look at the price they pay for the GPX 6000 there, and it becomes an eye opener.  It's 145,000 rand, that's approximately $8527 USD, $12,598 Australian dollars.  Now the Axiom is starting to look quite cheap.

Then the GPZ 7000 in Africa is 185,000 rand, approximately $10,880 USD, $16,075 Australian dollars.  Just beyond crazy pricing.

The GPX 5000 at 72,000 rand is the one with the realistic comparison price to the Axiom in the USA, that is approximately $4,234 USD.  $6,256 Australian dollars.

Seeing the real target market for these detectors really is Africa it's doing alright price wise by comparison to the Minelabs, I even noticed on the Garrett box much like the Minelab gold detector boxes there appears to be an African prospector.

It should do OK there based upon the pricing, the GPX 5000 is a very popular detector there though and it's cheaper price will certainly help maintain that popularity.

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My rule of thumb since 1979 is four ounces of gold for the best GOLD Detector available. The question is what is the best for your skill, endurance, size and depth of the gold where you will detect. If you intend to pay for your new TOY a lot of work or play is required to come out in front.   


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Ever since I read Steve's comment that Africa is Garrett's real target market for the Axion I've been really curious as to exactly where they hope to sell large volumes? At the nominal Rand price that Phrunt posted (I thought they were about R80k) they would have to be smoking something if they hope to sell volumes in South Africa. In Zimbabwe there are other constraints as a friend who has a small hard rock operation pointed out to me recently:

"I have to admit I’ve hardly used my GPX5000, apart from time constraints there is no law in our gold fields and it is potentially dangerous for a white man to walk around the bush detecting. We’ve had two murders and one decapitation in the district in the last year, all gold related."

What he does use his 5000 for is to scan the end-of-shift miners when they exit the shaft for high-grade "souvenirs" there's a lot of those. Theft is an endemic issue all over Africa so that's maybe what Garrett are thinking of? But a hand-held wand is good enough for that as I found out at Ashanti back in the day. Somehow a piece of high-grade had fallen into my overalls during a field trip and the wand picked it up right away. Everybody else on the visit seemed to have had the same issue with hitch-hiking rocks 😬


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