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Meteorwrong At Gold Basin

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I found this odd rock out in Gold Basin.  I've sent some photos to some experts who think it is not a meteorite, just thick desert varnish.  It sure had me wondering for a while since it seemed so out-of-place compared to other material nearby.



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There are actually extinct volcanoes and old flows around Gold Basin. As a result, there are sometimes scattered pyroclasts in places you wouldn't expect. That appears to be one such piece. They are fine grained and in the general rhyolite->andesite->basalt tuff series of rocks, probably more towards the basalt end of the series. They vary but tend to be hot on a detector, up to screaming in some cases. 

From a picture only, that's what I'd guess that rock is. You could always take a file or battery powered angle grinder and make a window into it though and look for metal flecks and chondrules if you have doubts in person.

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I agree with your experts!  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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