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19 hours ago, Lunk said:

I'm currently doing comparison testing between the production model Axiom and the GPX 6000; it's not scientific by any means, just observations for my own information, but I will report my methods and observations on the Metal Detector Advice and Comparisons forum when I'm finished. And there will be gold pics. 🙂

That's exactly why you are on my Field Staff Team.  Always thinking ahead and willing to help others.

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I am really looking forward to your comparison review Keith (Lunk). I don't want to get involved in any of that. I was a prototype tester for the GPX 6000, and then for the Axiom. Any bias aside, and I have them, I'm simply too close to the projects to want to do any serious this versus that stuff. People on either side would just say I'm biased from being connected to the other! :smile: In general I've just made it clear that I think the pricing structure in the U.S. is appropriate for all the various models involved, and will leave it at that. And wait for others to make the only decisions that actually really matter. It does not matter what I say or what some other person with connections says. All that matters is what the regular purchasing public thinks. They will decide how good the Axiom is, not some batch of "influencers", and it will take about a year for the dust to settle on all that.

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