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Greetings From Denver


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Hello and Happy Holidays, new member here. I'm brand new to the hobby. After enjoying reading about all the fun I decided to jump in and bought a Nokta Legend. With the current sale price I couldn't resist. Too bad there is a bunch of snow on the ground right now but you never know with Colorado weather. I'm hoping for a mild winter so that I can get out and try it a little. I'll be starting out in the parks but hope to find more exciting areas to hunt in the mountains. In the meantime, I'm doing all the reading I can and watching YouTube videos. This is a great forum and I'm looking forward to being part of it.


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Welcome from East Texas. You got a good detector & joined a great forum.

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Welcome to the forum and glad to see you here, we will be waiting for some good stories about your hunts and please include some pictures.

I know that some of the creeks still have no snow on them and they are a great source of gold out there.

Just kidding about the creeks for now, but come spring and summer you ought to check them out.

Good luck and good hunting.

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Welcome aboard JMan !

There have been some good reviews here on that Legend .

May you have great finds together. 

Now get yourself tuned in on that thing !

Go out and drop stuff in the snow if you have to.....

That way you can get going under the ground asap when the weather warms up.

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