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Pairing The Mi6


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I recently got my Deus 2. I have followed all of the proper procedures for pairing my MI6 pinpointer to the remote control. The control does not recognize the pinpointer at all! I’ve had other “experts” try to pair it and they get the same results. Do I need a new pinpointer? Or what do I do differently?

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No help....But those cockeyed things can be temperamental and aggravating at times.Maybe Gary from xp will chime in and provide some insight for you?

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Ive had my Mi6 for 5 years and it never paired with my D1 so I had zero expectations with the D2. That being said it paired the first time and has worked seamlessly out of the box. If I remember correctly I had the pinpointer on and next to the remote when I did it. I then turned on the remote and went through the pairing process and it worked. I'm the least capable human technology wise so if had been harder than that I'd still be unconnected. I will say that you will love it once you're good to go. 

I wish you the best on getting it done.

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Sorry you are having a problem. 

I have two MI-6 devices, they both paired easily but the first one doesn't always connect when I turn it on. The second one fails a lot less. They're temperamental but by far the best pinpointers I've ever used. Of course that's over only two and a half years 😀 and the Deus 2 is my first XP machine.

I assume you've either used a video or followed the instructions in the manual? As I recall you have to go into pairing, make sure nothing is already paired under the pinpointer screen, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Now and again I re-pair my MI-6 if it starts not connecting.

Here's a short video I used to do mine the first time:


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