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New Minelab Flagship Super Gold Detector

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From the Codan 10/23/13 report at http://www.codan.com.au/Portals/0/investorpubs/Chairman's%20&%20CEO's%20Addresses%202013.pdf :

Quote - "We have a number of exciting new product releases planned during the next two years,"

And - "Our next flagship gold detector will be based on new technology that we have developed and verified; technology that will dramatically improve detector performance."

And from http://golddetecting.4umer.net/t17104-new-machine-rumours on November 1, 2013:

"The fact of the matter is that Minelab are looking into new technologies in gold detection, but a new top end product release is certainly significantly further than 12 months away."

Codan also showed a graphic promising four new detectors upcoming in 2014 and 2015. A new mine detector. A new low end detector (X-Terra?). A mid-range gold detector (the SDC 2300, slated for mid-2014). And a new "Super Gold Machine".

All the above seems to me to put 2014 off the table but sets 2015 up as a likely time-frame for Minelab's new flagship gold detector. It is a break from the GPX series so who knows what it will look like and what capabilities it may have. What I personally hope for is a detector that clearly and without question will hit a quarter ounce or larger gold nugget deeper than a GPX. Maybe by just an inch, but that single inch could be magic in the right locations. Better yet would be some kind of breakthrough in ferrous/non-ferrous discrimination but I am less hopeful on that front. Only time will tell but 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting year in metal detectors, not just from Minelab but possibly from the other major players in the industry.


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this one will be ten grand and guys will pay it and go out to some hammered out areas and get a few ant fart nuggets and then post the pics on forums to show what neat guys they are instead of just taking their old 2100 minelab out and putting some effort in to find a new patch with some gold on it ! 


I expect I will be one of those, though hopefully the nuggets are larger than ant farts!

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One million ant farts would equal an awful lot of gold Steve, not sure how my knees and back would cope though. :-) Actually I'm more interested in the patch I might find thanks to an ant fart nugget keeping me in the area long enough to get onto it.


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Supposedly the new super detector GPZ-7000 - code name Jupiter.

Largest planet in the solar system, but then some say it's just a giant ball of gas.

I suspect that a new technology gold detector from ML would be a lot more than a giant ball of gas.

Right now in OZ they are doing smoking deals on combo packages of GPX-5000 and SDC-2300. If you have both of those, you are covered for everything current technology can give you except perhaps discrimination. Deep, adaptable to many different conditions - GPX-5000; sensitive to very small and porous nuggets plus EMI resistance and waterproof - SDC-2300.

A repackaged "mash up" of the two would be very attractive if combined all the previous features. If it also could add reliable ferrous rejection and perhaps even VLF style target information - maybe even more depth and modern integrated Lithium battery packs, then all you would need to do is write one check and all your bases are covered.

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Thanks Steve,

I was a bit concerned I'd get taken to the woodshed for my usual over analysis - spiced with unprincipled speculation.

In this case however, ML has promised something entirely new. We can only wait.

As far as First Texas, I think there are at least a couple of years out on the PI front. Their corporate head of sales and marketing Tim Mallory recently said.

"... we have 15 seasoned engineers. Still it takes 3 to 5 years to get a new platform to the intro stage. Let me just say, a PI is in the works."

Hopefully he's just being cautious.

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I am just like a kid before Christmas wondering about new detectors. What about that new Minelab? What will it do, what will it look like, what will it cost? What about that new Fisher? Will it compare? Will it ever appear? What about that new White's patent? Should I wait to buy one not knowing about the other? Do I keep what I have?
All good questions, and a lack of knowledge should never get in the way of getting answers I say, even if they have to be made up!





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      THIS !! All the people boo hooing will be in line to get one at that price point. It will also force the hand of ML with their price structure. ML raised their price on the 800 and NM absolutely crushed that price point. The Legend doesn't have to be better, just equal to turn the fortunes in their favor. ML and their arrogant "obsolete" charge is foolish. Obsolete by definition means no longer produced or used. Many detectorist and their single frequency machines are still out there making great finds and having fun. Furthermore, single frequency detectors are still being made and sold. NM build quality is far and away superior to the Nox detectors. 
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      Codan/Minelab's share price of $9.81 today when it reached $19.35 in June and has been in free fall ever since would indicate something is up.    I hope it doesn't affect them releasing new detectors as they tighten the belt.  I am guessing the Deus 2 and Legend won't be a good thing for it either.   What I don't get is why they didn't ride a high with the GPX 6000 release, normally any detector release shoots up their share price, instead it went down.
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      My detecting buddy found this Ma Coin.
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