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Icmj Gold Summit


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For those members that don't get ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal, it looks like ICMJ is planning a return of their Gold Show scheduled for the last weekend of next April. The location given is the Fair grounds in Nevada City, CA. I attended 3 of the earlier shows when it was held in Placerville, well worth the time even with the long drive. 

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Cool. It's been awhile. I love Nevada City...but man, ya think you could get more folks, if did Auburn or hang town. OH well, I will probably make a trip out of it, go detecting while I'm up there. Thanks for posting!

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6 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

I have yet to ever attend one but is it something like what GPAA puts on? I’m thinking like having different equipment dealing with mining.

 Like said Long drive but I’ve driven lots longer for a lot less.

 Thanks for any info.


Yeah, equipment displays plus seminars/speakers.

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