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AQ Control Pod Mounting Issue

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On 12/14/2022 at 4:34 PM, Carolina said:

Eva Shea ( pronounced ehh vah )

eshea@frsttx.com  (1-915-633-8354 ext. 1127

Try this. She will take care of you.

Just tried to talk with Eva and was advised she has retired and no longer with the company.

Art took my call and he will have a technician call me back and discuss the review of my machine.

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I've shipped  this i'm now looking for a way to reinforce the living @#%* out of it maybe one of  these "wrap a paper towel and soak with crazy glue" type jobs or some primo  marine epoxy.  I've  never found one I liked--Gig is saying that Gorrilla two part is good.  Fisher is the last company that you would expect to make a detector with anything flimsy going on--must just be the molds or a bad batch of plastic.  This is  a nice circuit--shame about the build issues but thats how detectors are--it's always something...


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