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Minelab Excalibur Repair Questions

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Recently had someone ask about replacing the battery on their excalibur so I did a video for them. Very easy and simple to do. Battery can be purchased from ebay..


I'll be doing a video on how to make this same battery after christmas (2022), cost is around 25 dollars. Compared to 50 if purchased new. It's almost worth buy new if you only need one but I have several excaliburs that need batteries (4) so it is cheaper for me to make my own.



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How long do the originals generally last?

All my original batteries are still going strong. Two are 6-7 years old. One hunt last summer the detector was on for 10 hours straight.
I bought a smart charger a long time ago. I think that helps a lot. 

Looking forward to the video.

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I think a lot can vary on how they were treated. Usage, charging, discharges and even temps. Now days most replace them after 5 to 10 years..... and with Li-ion batteries offering a longer run time (30 to 50 hours usage) this can cause some to replace them early.

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