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Steve Herschbach

Garrett ATX And Minelab CTX 3030

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The Garrett ATX and the Minelab CTX 3030. Are they an odd couple, or a perfect couple? Here is a side by side photo for your consideration.

Minelab CTX 3030 and Garrett ATX

The Garrett ATX and Minelab CTX 3030 share a certain similarity of design with coil cables hid inside the lower rod assembly and controls on the end of the handle. Both are waterproof to 10 feet. Yet they are also exact opposites in that the CTX is one of the best discriminating VLF detectors you can buy, whereas the ATX is a dig it all PI detector designed for maximum depth in very difficult ground. They actually do make a really good pairing as they complement each other very well.

I am an avid prospector and also a very avid jewelry hunter who needs to be able to hunt in the water. It would be a very hard thing for me to do, but if I had to narrow it all the way down to only two metal detectors, you are probably looking at the two I would choose. I would be making quite a few compromises but the bottom line is I can do just about anything I need to do with these two detectors together, and do it quite well.

As it is when looking at the two it really boils down to whether you need good discrimination or not. The CTX has it, the ATX does not.

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 DON'T LEAVE THEM THERE OVER NIGHT or you may have to deal with a bunch of little Bounty Hunters.

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There was no warp in the space - time continuum yesterday, nor did I see a smoking crater to the east of me this morning, so it must have gone OK.

On the other hand, all the damage could have occured on a different reality plane - you never know with that sort of thing.

A few more days of this warmer weather and you'll be able to take them out in local parks and schools.

After Christmas sometime?

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Two nice-looking machines, right there...   :)


Christmas presents?


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Its ok ,a VLF and a PI can't mate, if they could maybe we could get a hybred.

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Interesting.  Let us know if any new "little detectors" suddenly appear in the future, say in 9 months or so.

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    • By PPP
      Hi Guys!
      When i bought my ATX i bought a Grey Ghost amphibian as well.Fist day in the saltwater after an hour i notice an strange rosty colour spreading all over the back of the detector where the speaker is located.I just got panicked and cancled the hunt immidiately.When i got home i noticed the round edge of the speaker which is metal is rosted as hell!!! I looked around and could'nt find the problem.When i unplugged the headphones i realised that in the Grey ghost package there is some o-rings that i supposed to put it myself on the connector.THAT was the problem!!! i put the o-ring on and problem solved.But my speaker was så rusty i put some silicone glue all over it to isolate it from saltwater.I should send it to Garret which i did'nt. It works ok since then but i think there has been a slightly current without the o-ring that makes the speaker rust.What do you tink guys? 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      From page 27 of the Garrett ATX Owners Manual:

      "Coil covers: Use a coil cover to protect the coil from abrasion and damage and prevent false responses that may occur when the coil abruptly impacts a rigid object such as a large rock, etc."

      I agree, especially when coils have an MSRP over $500, that you want to protect them. Nugget detecting in particular subjects coils to a lot of abrasion and hard knocks.

      Standard Garrett ATX Searchcoil
      10" x 12" (25 x 31cm) DD Coil
      Part Number 2234600.....$529.95

      Optional Garrett ATX Searchcoil
      8" (20cm) Mono Coil
      Part Number 2234000.....$529.95
      Excellent depth on small targets. Enhanced maneuverability in heavy scrub and tight areas.

      Optional Garrett ATX Searchcoil
      Deepseeker® 15" x 20" (38 x 50cm) Mono Coil
      Part Number 2234100.....$599.95
      Use for locating larger and more deeply buried objects. Includes surface debris elimination.

      Garrett has been playing catch up, as even existing coils like the round 8" mono do not have a scuff cover available yet. Still, Garrett is on it, and at least two coils are now being made for the stock DD coil, a closed and an open scuff cover. Here is a picture of them but I have not been able to find part numbers yet. Hopefully Ken or one of the other dealers can chime in with part numbers and pricing.

      Scuff covers for Garrett ATX 10" x 12" DD Coil

      For those of you without a scuff cover do not be overly concerned. I have been using my ATX full bore without scuff covers and the end result is that the bottoms of the coils are scuffed and lightly abraded. My 8" mono in particular got a hard go of it in Hawaii. The epoxy bottom is tough and it will take a lot of use to have an appreciable effect so I would not worry too much about it from a service aspect. The main concern is when you go to sell the detector, a scuff cover means the coils look closer to new than well used. They are a good investment for that reason alone in maintaining the resale value of the detector.
    • By Tom Slick
      OK, so I attended a seeded hunt sponsored by Minelab just before the release of the CTX. Minelab held a marketing program where they introduced the CTX and touted all its attributes . When it was handed to me I thought "what a beast, what a pig. I don't need GPS, I'll buy my own GPS if I want one". Now I know its an excellent detector when it comes to finding certain stuff, in certain environments, so I'm not bashing its performance. Its the way its built that I think is ridicules. Every other detector has about the same size lower rod. They cost about $14 - $20. CTX close to $200. The Arm cuff must run about $50. Coils $295 & up. I've got to think Minelab worked really hard trying to figure out how to make it expensive. I'm sure glad they have finally seen the light with the Equinox.
      Anyone else think they over built the CTX just to make a bunch of extra bucks?
    • By spencer@wy
      Thinking of purchasing one of these as harsh enviorment tool.
      Looking to spend under 550.00.
      Its getting to b the time of year where any detector i take out is gonna get wet and i dont want to take the chance with non-wp detector.
      Anyone use the recon before personally? Advise?
      Thanks guys.
    • By GeoJack
      Just found out that I need to spend $540 for a new coil because a plastic pin holds the coil to the shaft.  Unit was dropped from waist level and snapped this polystyrene  pin. 
      "Showing the picture to our Technician unfortunately the broken pin in it is not reparable, never seen the happened before in 10 years the detector came out  You will need to buy a new coil."
      10" x 12" (25 x 31 cm) DD Open Searchcoil
      PN: 2234600.....$529.95
      Yep, 10" x 12" coil held to the shaft with a plastic pin that is non-reparable and worth $530.
      Will repair and sale the unit. Done with Garrett...

    • By Juliuss
      Greetings friends, I want to ask a question and I hope you can help, he is long after an garrett atx, but I have the opportunity to buy a gpx 4800 with several coils and batteries, where I am not sure if there are nuggets, what that if I know that there are many coins and jewels, even vessels with coins inside the planting grounds, my question is the minelab gpx 4800, could it be useful for this type of search (buried treasures) or is it only for nuggets and small things? What is more convenient if I look in sowing lands and walls of old houses? Gpx or atx
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