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Watching For The Manticore Boat


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16 minutes ago, phrunt said:

New Zealand a tiny customer base with a population of 5 million of which 99.99999% don’t use detectors.

Let's do the math:  0.00001% = 1/10,000,000.  Multiplying 5 million times that results in 0.5 (or one half).  So there is a half detectorist in all of New Zealand?  Simon, you usually have a higher opinion or yourself, let alone JW.  😁  (OK, I think just this week I made a post saying we all exaggerate occasionally.  You've successfully fulfilled your quota.)

As far as the disappearance of brick-and-mortar small time metal detector dealers who know their product, that's been going on a long time.  I've told of my travails before, when I tried to find a dealer here in Indiana.  The closest two (one <50 miles and the other <100) were dismal failures, IMO.  One had some stock, including snake oil Long Range Locators (LRLs).  Scratch those con-men (or dolts) off my list.  The other had a website that would cause First Texas to win worldwide awards for theirs.  The times the website claimed they were open (which was Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, ONLY) wasn't even accurate, and it was hell to find a phone number.  When I finally did that it took them a week to call me back.  I asked them if they had the (at the time) new Equinox and I got a "huh??" response.  When I clarified (why should I have to? they were an authorized Minelab dealer -- tells you what that title is worth) they said "oh, so far we've only gotten one" and that was that.  No asking to take down my number to call when they get a supply.  Just as well as there was no way I was ever going to be in contact with them again.  I couldn't get off the phone fast enough (and apparently they couldn't either.  And yes, I was nice, not insulting.)

For a few years when I visited my sister I would stop by Gold-N-Detectors in Golden, CO.  Bill there (forget his last name) who ran the place was a knowledgeable detectorist and member of the local Eureka Club.  They had tons of stuff, including a room full of literature and about every coil cover ever made, to give you a flavor of their stock.  But he was already past typical retirment age and when he left it turned into a large, almost empty room with just a few detectors on the wall and a guy at the counter who didn't give me the impression he had ever swung a detector, other than in the store....

Gerry and Rob and a few others are a rare and dying breed.  I'm glad we still have them, though, and that's why I'm staying on Gerry's waiting list this time around until he calls me ready to ship, asking for my CC#.  (No expecting $ to get on his list -- one of many reasons he has a loyal following.)

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My Manticore is now waiting for me at my local dealer's store, (1 1/2 hour drive). It arrived there yesterday, and it will be in my hands tomorrow. My dealer offered to ship it to me free of charge but by picking it up, I have an excuse to see if there just might be something else, I desperately need in his shop.😁

I was on his list of early buyers and no deposit was needed.

 I did a water hunt this morning with my Nox and sniffed out this gold ring. It may possibly be the last gold my Nox finds for a long time. It's time to earn your beans Manticore!


1-12-2023 gold eqx.jpeg

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My local dealer got about 20 Deus 2's when they were hard to get, managed to snag one. He has the 900 and 700 but not the M-core. I'd direct y'all there if he did. 👍 This guy really knows his stuff.

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23 minutes ago, Troy E said:

Gerry from Idaho hooked me up with a Manticore today.

Gerry sent me a e-mail asking if I was ready for a Manticore if he got a bigger shipment in next week?

I said hell yeah.

Then I got a call from Gerry saying he could get one shipped out to me directly from a distributor right now.

I can’t speak enough of Gerry’s professionalism, promptness, and integrity and kindness.

I really wasn’t expecting to get one till maybe March.

Thank you Gerry…….


Saw this, just checked my email, I've got one shipping from Gerry out of this batch too.  Yippee!

- Dave

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47 minutes ago, Gerry in Idaho said:


Yes, I get old and grumpy at times and no I don't take change as easy.  I guess I should try to survive and change with times. I don't know.


I relate well to grumpy old guys, myself.

- Dave

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