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Nokta Pointer 18.2 Khz Version Sensitivity On Foil Or Small Gold

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聽 聽I'm still a big fan of my Treasure Products Vibra Probe 585! I'm still using the one I bought 8 years ago!

聽 聽It's a 9v PI, vibration only, longer than most all others on the market, tip only detection, and good to 100 ft! And its a tilt on/off internal switch with an auto shutoff after one minute! Nothing to wear out!

聽 Don't know what frequently it operates on, as it's not in the specs, but I use it everywhere, and its very tough! I've had no problems with small items, but it has to be relatively close to them, of course! Actually, I count that as a plus, as those tiny items are easier to locate!

聽 聽I actually picked up two hardly used ones on Ebay this year, as backups, for less than $50 each!! I also have a Garrett Carrot, and a Pulse Dive with coils, but the 585 is my Go-To!! I only get mild interference on detectors, if its close to them, but I just hold it behind me, when switching back and forth with detector, and interference stops! I also dip all my pinpointer shafts in plast-dip to protect the shaft from wear (colors available)! When that wears through, I just peel off the old, and redip again!! Also, a bungee lanyard is a must for any pinpointer, so they don't "mysteriously" disappear from your holder!!馃崁馃憤馃憤

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  • The title was changed to Nokta Pointer 18.2 Khz Version Sensitivity On Foil Or Small Gold

Hi, I had the same question - would 18 kHz give Nokta an advantage for small / gold objects?

I had a chance to compare the new Nokta Pointer to XP MI-6 and - long story short - XP can offer higher general sensitivity level, outperforming Nokta despite the difference in working frequency.


  • There is a big difference between running MI-6 standalone and paired with a DEUS / ORX unit. Standalone MI-6 offers just 3 sensitivity levels (same as MI-4) while the paired one offers 50 sensitivity levels. Moreover, the standalone level 3 (max) corresponds to level 40-45 of the paired one - so pairing MI-6 with a DEUS / ORX allows you to set a higher sensitivity, getting a better reach.
  • Nokta at the max sensitivity level (10) performs similar to MI-6 at level 40. Nokta already seems to be more sensitive to small objects (when looking at comparable sensitivity levels), but - in the end - MI-6 can outperform Nokta even in small objects just because of the higher max sensitivity level.
  • I love the pitch-tone function of the MI-6, I would really miss this with Nokta.
  • Side note: I wanted to check that my Nokta was the 18 kHz version - and it was really hard. No mention on the package, nothing on the unit, just the last page in the user manual - which was reading 12 kHz. I could not believe that my reseller would still have the old 12 kHz version, so I asked Nokta support for verification and, based on the SN of the unit, Nokta confirmed that it was already the 18 kHz version... so, unfortunately, there is no other way to tell which version you have than asking Nokta support :(

Tested objects

  • A tiny aluminum circle (4 mm diameter, 0.4 mm thin).
  • A lead shot (tiny lead ball).
  • A tiny closing part of a golden earring.
  • A small golden earring.
  • A thin golden ring.
  • Unfortunately, I had no natural gold nugget to test with.

Complete test results - detection distance in mm:


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