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Buy A Book Win A Gold Nugget

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I am needing to sell 150 books asap and I am raffling off 7 nuggets. There will be seven chances to win one of the seven nuggets. You must buy one of my books ONLY through my website to be eligible to win. When you buy one of my books you will automatically have your name entered into the drawing. This offer is going up on YouTube as well, tonight. Two books have already sold today. One book gets your name in the bucket, two books gets your name entered twice, three books-three name entries. When I reach the goal of 150 books, I will shoot a video of the drawing and call out who all the winners are. This will go up on YouTube. The book is $24.95 plus shipping. I will cover the cost of shipping and insurance of the nuggets. Don't delay fellas! This is not going to be a long drawn out raffle. Get yours now, get one or two for any friends or family to secure your spot in the raffle. When you go to my website and go to buy now and complete the transaction, I will immediately get a notification of the sale. Please fill in the address, email and phone number. This starts today 12/24/2022. Any questions please give me a call

Reese Townes - Gold Seeker The Gold Gypsy 1(406)309-1009


Click the link above to get your book and enter the raffle. 










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I have had the book "Fist full of Gold" by Chris Ralph for 8 years and have read it multiple times but you can never have to much information so I just placed an order for your book.

Thanks,  Ceril

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