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Gold Tally For 2022


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3 minutes ago, Goldseeker5000 said:

Good year for ya. Congratulations, 👏👍

Thanks, hope your year was a good one too :smile:

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Looks like a great year for you with some very nice pieces for show.

Good luck in 2023 and stay safe out there.

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Thanks for making me envious of Victoria again.  My 3-week trip only got me about 5 grams if I've forgotten correctly!

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That's a very impressive haul of Au nuggets and your time in the field was rewarded.

So you may be off a little in weight, but you gained in more pieces.  Was your body more thankful swinging the lighter and easier 6000 vs the 4500?  Plus, getting the extra pieces more often keeps a smile on the face.

Thanks for sharing.

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