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Gold And Silver To End The Year

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I did the same, with a found gold ring when getting married 48 years ago.  GaryC/Oregon Coast

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5 hours ago, mn90403 said:

I used one I found at the beach for my wedding band.

I guess that your wife knows that you are cheap from doing that by now, I hope that you actually paid for hers instead of digging one up. Just kidding.

Very nice items and great saves.

Good luck on your hunts this new year and always stay safe out there.

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I found mine and one that fit her on the same night I decided to propose.  It is quite unexplainable really.  We did buy a new one for her before we got married a few days later but it was fortuitous.  I posted the story up almost in actual time but she didn't find it as remarkable as I did.

I 'planted' a ring the next night for her to find on the beach and here we are two kids later!

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