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XP Deus Software Versions / Update History

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XP had the original model Deus in 2009, followed by four updates and another coming this year.

2.0 added features
3.0 added features
3.1 fixed 3.0
3.2 fixed 3.1
4.0 pending

Details and links:

XP DEUS (2009)

V 2.0 (2011) http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/xpforum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=72 

The behavior of your DEUS remains identical but new functions are added:

4 Non-Motion modes: 
- NON MOTION AUDIO DISC with ACCEPT/REJECT meter and audio discrimination

These Non motion modes are useful for example to locate cache inside houses, cellars. For conventional searching on fields Motion programmes are better.

On the main menu:
- Ground mineralization meter added
- Signal strength meter featuring Accept/Reject indicator added 

Audio Response > Expert
- Audio overload menu, to choose an overload sound when a target is close to the coil

Program 7 WET BEACH > Deeper on wet areas

Program 8 becomes DRY BEACH > Suitable for dry sand.

V 3.0 (2013) http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/deus/360409-xp-deus-version-3-now-ready-downloding.html 

The highlights of the new version include:
01 – New Program N°10 – Gold Field – Gold Prospecting/Nugget Shooting
02 – Better Target Separation And Depth
03 – Finest Adjustment Of Ground Effect
04 – Now 10 Factory Programs + 8 User Programs That You Can Save
05 – Silencer More Efficient
06 – Stronger Audio Response
07 – Two New Audio Modes – 5 Tones and Full Tones
08 – Pitch Mode Adjustable
09 – Id Norm
10 – Non Motion Improved and Easier

V 3.1 (2013) http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/en/update-deus/update-deus-3-1/ 

– The ground balance adjustment in non-motion mode is faster (the increment or decrement of the setting was a little slow).

– The display of the mineralization strength from the main menu has been adjusted. The scale is now more representative of the mineralization level.

– The display of the frequencies (4/8/12/18 kHz) on the headphone has been fixed (Previously, in some cases the headphone could display a different frequency while the real frequency was 4 kHz).

– The audio volume of the headphone is now saved when you turn the unit off.

– The beach mode (GB > BEACH YES) had a malfunction when changing the GB value, it is now fixed.

– The SILENCER (REACTIVITY > EXPERT) is adjusted so as to follow the value of the version 2.0 in the factory programs using REACTIVITY 0, 1 or 2.

V 3.2 (2013) http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/blog-detection/en/update-deus/update-deus-3-2/ 

V3.2 will correct slow mineralization strength reading and also battery charge lever issues that were seen on some V3.1 units, also the Notch Ground function is now off by default.

V 4.0 (2017) http://www.xpmetaldetectors.com/metal-detector/deus-update/

The new software version V4 will add include the following:

A major reason for V4.0 will be to allow for use of a new 9" round plus 9.5" x 5" elliptical coil running at one of four new frequencies 14, 30, 55, or 80 khz. There is also a new wireless pinpointer for use with the system.

• Reactivity 2.5, this new reactivity level is fast and deep, offering a good compromise especially when searching new terrain.
• Program No10 GOLD FIELD : Improved Audio Response and reactivity. Goldfield will give excellent results especially when combined with the new HF coils…Now difficult targets can easily be detected in mineralized ground. The Tone menu has been removed.
• Lower discrimination range : For those who want more control over ferrous targets. Negative discrimination of 0 to -6.4 makes it possible to locate previously rejected ferrous items, the lower discrimination range can also enhance the signature from deep targets which may have in the past been ignored. These new options also offer a big advantage when searching for specific targets such as ceramics or even meteorites.
• Ground Effects: Improved Tracking.
• Improved display and signal processing compatible with the new HF 21 frequencies. The display now has the ability to handle detection frequencies up to 81 kHz (18 kHz before), now with 7 frequency offsets (compared to 3 previously).
• DEUS is now compatible with a smartphone: Target information and other data can be sent by radio link to a smartphone. An app will soon be available to unlock these features.
• New program No 9 "HOT" : "Pro setting" this is a find everything program, based on the Full Tone audio mode with a very low discrimination. Hot is a very interactive program offering excellent feedback and target information.
• New program No 6 "DEEP": "Pro setting" for locating deep targets, with moderate discrimination and specific signal processing.
• Improved Non motion / static mode: Non motion modes are now more advanced offering better overall performance, with an improved sensitivity to small targets.
• New processing : Dual processing power improves navigation and a range of other parameters. remote and headset battery life has slightly decreased to 18 and 20 hours respectively.
• Normalization display is now a menu feature on the WS4 and WS5 headphones.
• The headset volume is now stored when switched off.
• The coil name in the coil menu have gone, the serial number is now used as the coil reference.
• Erasing a coil from the list is done by replacing all characters with 0.
• Audio tone can now be raised up to 993 hertz
• Target Normalization mode is on by default (Normalization is not active with HF coils)
• When turning OFF the remote control to use only the wireless headphone, the coil restart

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I can't wait for the new coil. The Deus is maybe my all time favorite metal detector. It just speaks to me in a language I can understand. The ability to adjust settings to cover many scenarios is awesome. Bring on the update XP, this fan boy anxiously awaits. LOL

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16 minutes ago, goldbrick said:

I can't wait for the new coil. The Deus is maybe my all time favorite metal detector. It just speaks to me in a language I can understand. The ability to adjust settings to cover many scenarios is awesome. Bring on the update XP, this fan boy anxiously awaits. LOL

Must admit the Deus is rapidly becoming my favourite machine as well,the main advantage is the weight of the detector or should i say lack of weight,i can swing the machine all day long which i have been struggling with due too wrist problems,i do like the full tones and also the ability to use 4 freq's.

I doubt that i will buy the new coil as the current 9'' one suits my style of detecting and my permissions.

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Coils have to be designed for specific frequencies and multiples of the main frequency. The current Deus frequencies are specific to the existing coils, not the firmware. It requires a new coil to get a different frequency set. The old coils will continue to run at the old frequencies, and the new coil will only run at the new frequency set.

I always chuckle over the Deus and the brilliance of the business model.

Company A makes a $1200 detector that consists of $1000 worth of rod, box, and electronics and a $200 coil. You can buy accessory coils for $200. You only pay once for the circuit board and batteries. The coils are just dumb coils.

With XP the coil is the detector, and the controller just that - a controller. So you basically buy a $600 controller and rod along with a $600 detector (coil). Now, every time you want an accessory coil you actually buy another $600 detector. Each coil you buy the circuit board and battery over and over again.

With the Deus XP has figured out a way to sell people two or even three of what is basically the same $600 metal detector. Every time you think you are buying a Deus coil XP is actually making another detector sale.

That is why the "update" is taking so long. XP is not designing a new coil, they are designing a new metal detector. Then they have to upgrade the controllers to be able to work with the old detectors (coils) and the new detector (coil). Then there is the Deepseeker attachment, yet another new detector, and making the controller work with it also.

XP charges for each coil (detector) roughly what you would pay to buy an entire Garrett AT Pro. The profit margins have to be astounding.

I am a marketing geek of sorts and I stand in awe of what XP is doing.


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Minelab, Coiltec, and Nugget finder charges a bundle for thier coils and all the have in them is wire.  

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It seems to me that the controllers internal technology will become dated at a certain time. Where updates will exceed the limits of the controller. 

I wish I spoke the same language as the Deus. I still find it convoluted.  Probably just because of lack of time spent with it. I seem to perfer more in the less bells and whistles models. 

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1 hour ago, Hobo said:

Minelab, Coiltec, and Nugget finder charges a bundle for thier coils and all the have in them is wire.  

That's true. The prices they charge for coils is absurd. I am not sure what that has to do with XP and the Deus though.

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You compared the cost of the Deus coil to a Garrett ATPro, I compared the cost of ML coils to Deus coil.

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