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A Good Start To The New Year

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the acrylic was precut at 11.5 inches, so perfect fit for the 11 inch coil. i
went with 1/4" thick. should have got the thinner stuff but was thinking thicker/stronger.
what adhesive did you use.
im a coil scrubber.


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52 minutes ago, Bishop said:

what adhesive did you use

I tried 100% silicone caulk on the Equinox 6" coil cover + polycarb but that didn't hold for more than a few hours.  I've since found (from YouTube videos and experience) that a certain JB Weld 2 part epoxy (click here) is excellent for plastics.  (Not all epoxies are alike -- not even close.  Many people say simply "JB Weld" as if that specifies the product.  It does not as they make multiple products.)  I've been told forever to make sure the mating surfaces are rough and clean.  I'm not sure I've learned that well enough, though....

I was concerned about permanently attaching the polycarb sheet to the coil which is why I attached it to the coil cover.  I think Steve just went all-in and epoxied his to the (11" Equinox) coil.

I used a scroll saw to cut the polycarb.  Really small, closely spaced teeth is the key for those thin sheets.  (Mine was 24 tpi.)  Other saws will work as long as the blade is narrow width and has fine teeth.

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Mind over Matter.  Sometimes the mind, intuition and focus pulls us to a spot for a reason. Many times I've gotten to a site, looked around, grab detector, walk over, turn it on...and bang.   

Then the rest of the day is trash. 

Very nice golden way to start the New Year.  Well earned. 

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