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Manticore @ The Drained Lake

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I was caught off guard with how much the water had came up.  Jan 4th it was completely empty as seen in the pic below.  Compare that to the view in the post above looking in the same direction.


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Well Daniel you should win both the day and the Internet for that story. It's always nice to get a clue to a new spot to hunt, but finding that ring knocks it out of the park. 🏆

I'm sure you will find the right place for all 3 detectors. 👍

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I asked her why she hadn't ever mentioned that ring before.  She said she'd told me about it when I first started hunting. I can't remember but...that has been a long time ago. I can barely remember to take my daily medication and have to keep a box handy to make sure I do. Haha 😄 

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Incredible find. I love the story. Great photos.

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17 hours ago, strick said:

Nice report...better hurry up before they fill that lake back up! 😃


...Or the detecting competition shows up.

@Daniel Tn, that's the best jewelry find+return story I've ever read -- worthy of a Steve Hartman segment.

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