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Hey Guys,

I've been detecting for close to 40 years now, and I wanted to pass on my recommendation for a really deep-seeking and stable detector: the Tarsaci MDT 8000.

It's great to have a machine that provides a good 2-3 inches of additional depth over my older detectors. I'm using the 11"x9" DD coil. Earlier this month I located 3 Civil War infantry coat buttons in one hole (ranging from 9"-12" in depth), two Civil War cuff buttons at 6" each, and an 1880 cartridge belt buckle at 15". Yesterday I took it back out and found half a dozen rimfire shell casings at 4"-8" in depth, and a Minie ball at 10".  Not that I want any more of these, but it's also great at finding rivets, some at up to 5" deep. Most of these areas had sandy soil, which thankfully made the digging easy.

It took some getting used to the way I use it in "MIX" mode, since you hear both good and bad targets alike. Fortunately the good targets have a nice ringing tone to them. The ground balance is easy to set and very effective; I have not used the salt balance yet. Once I do, that will open up even more areas of detecting.

I'm very happy to see this forum--I hope to pick up some good advice on using my new machine.

Good hunting!


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23 minutes ago, Chase Goldman said:

What type of soil are you digging in?  I've never seen dug 160 year old brass come out of the ground looking like that even after cleaning it up.  That's amazing.

Let's just say that you approached that with a lot more tact than I would have 😁

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The Tarsacci is a great machine for those who put in the time to learn it.   And yes, your soil is very kind.

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Didn't mean to imply they came out of the soil like that. I cleaned the finds with lemon juice and a brass brush. The soil was mostly sandy with a some salts--it can be pretty harsh on coins. Here's what they looked like before cleaning.

Went back yesterday at a close-by site and dug a group of bullets (picture attached) and dime-sized washers. This area has even more minerals--really hard on targets. But the best thing was the detector cut through the soil and identified the targets--something I couldn't do with my Teknetics or Deus.



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Beautiful buttons and other find. The Tarsacci is working great for you.

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