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The Reins Act… Good For Mining?

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So House Republicans (no politics) introduced a bill called the “Reins Act,” it requires all new rules made by all non elected agencies (ATF)  have congressional approval on any new federal regulations and will remove a lot of other regulations that inhibit business removing basically useless, ineffective rules that cause more harm than good…something about rules that make you go huuu? Maybe not that one, but it would make projects a lot more attractive to investors im guessing and mining as heavily regulated as it is you’d have to think with growing concerns about domestic supplies this will have a pretty big impact on mining if it passe?

So the video might cross the line so I won’t post it here but if you search;

“House Republicans introduce bill to curb executive.”

you’ll find it. it’s 30 minutes of your life you’ll never get back but gets to the main points pretty quick, no more arbitrary rules, reduce regulatory burden, reduce spending and support business from burdensome regulation.



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There are no federal regulations for in stream suction dredging so I don't see how this bill would have any effect on that?

I'm pretty sure that Congress doesn't have the power to change Executive branch regulations. Separation of powers and all that Constitutional stuff.

Congress does hold the purse strings so they could defund/underfund some departments/functions in the budget. It's been done before.

As an example of how this could work Congress does have the power to end the moratorium on mineral patents. They removed the funding only for processing mineral patents in 1993. Mineral patents are still legal and a possibility if the BLM had the funds to process the patent applications. Without the funds they aren't allowed to take a patent application across the counter or assign it a case number because that would cost more than $0.

Patent application processing is an Executive branch function. Congress has to renew that defunding decision in every budget - so to begin mineral patents again all they have to do is NOT VOTE to defund the patent processing in any single federal budget. If they don't vote to defund the BLM processing of patents the funds and process become automatically available again without any action by Congress. I wonder if any miner has ever bugged their Congresscritter not to vote on patent funding?

Sometimes it's the most obvious stuff that gets passed by.

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