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I finally got a 6” coil for my 800.

I hope to find the crumbs that I left behind in my old GPZ 7000 patches.


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Thats all i ever use on my Nox is the 6'' coil,never comes off the machine....never really got on with the Nox since i have owned it 3+ years so rather than sell it and loose money i mainly use the 6'' coil and also occasionally the 15x12 coil for ground coverage.....the stock coils just sits in a cupboard gathering dust.

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Good choice on level ground and I use the 10x5 Coil Tech for the creeks where I am at. This weekend it is supposed to be above 40 and I am wanting to get to a spot that I have found several nuggets.

Good luck on your next hunt and just go slow and steady.

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