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Axiom Vs GPX 6000 Question On Invisible Gold

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I’m taking the plunge on one of these new detectors as the old body needs something lightweight. When the SDC came out and again the GPZ, I went over old patches and pulled out ounces of nuggets that were invisible or had to be within an inch of the coil on the previous GPX 5000 and before. That spongy and wiry stuff. 

The Axiom is much more in line with what I want as I sometimes detect old tailings and like the option for iron disc. Plus the price is better. But, I want to be sure the Axiom hears the “invisible” stuff as well as the 6000. Can anyone of you knowledgeable and generous folks share your experience with this before I take put down the cash?

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  • The title was changed to Axiom Vs GPX 6000 Question On Invisible Gold

Thank you, Steve. I think I can live with a small disadvantage for the price and discrimination. I’m more worried about stuff like a hillside patch I had where I picked up two nuggets with the GPX 4000 and each one was on the surface and around ten grams. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how those were the only two. Then one day a year later I come through with the gold bug 2 and pick up 16 nuggets right next to those two. I had scoured that spot with the GPX. The nuggets ranged from half a gram to 2 grams. The ground was smoking hot and the gold bug still found them whereas the 4000 couldn’t. All were within an inch of the surface. The 2300 changed things for me as it cleaned up similarly on a few other old patches. 

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