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Recent Hunts For Gold (no Gold)

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1 hour ago, nebulanoodle said:

What would be some pros and cons of running a GPX 5000 with a dd coil at the beach?

I’d say cons are:

- Not waterproof

- Heavy

- Deep digs

- EMI???

Got another hunt in as well. Trying to detect the wet and as close to the water as possible. But the beach is so steep and washed off that it’s been too much of a challenge for my well being to try and dig targets in the rolling tide. Bad timing today too, the tide was coming up.



Yeah it's best to check when the tide is headed back down. Also I didn't know that the gpx5000 was not waterproof! The ability to be near and in the water helps alot with searching for coin lines that end up consolidating in the wet. Coin lines = potential heavy stuff.

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Your hunts look like mine. I'm also a Cali guy. I guess the only prescription is patience! Keep on hunting!

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