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In general please use the default 14 point plain text formatting. People think they are doing those with poor eyesight a favor posting in all caps, or all bold, or in larger text. Well, if you are posting you probably know what you are posting, so you do not need it to read your own posts. For the rest of us it is the internet version of yelling "look at me" and more importantly, eats up space fast on people using a phone to view the forum. On my 42" PC monitor it may only look like largish text - on a phone I see 10 letters!

If people have bad eyesight, they can use various options built into their browser or viewing device to increase text size. Look for the Accessibility Option in your device or browser settings, or both.

There have also been people here that were promoting videos and such that think they need to get attention with big text and colorful letters and other fancy stuff.

But the latest problem has been people copying from a translator and posting here. It formats into one long sentence in large text that runs off the right side of the screen for eternity. So here are some tips.

1. When you paste, use the paste as plain text option built into your device.

2. Look for the paste as plain text instead option built into the forum.

3. Paste into a simple text editor like Notepad first to strip the formatting, then copy and paste to the forum.

4. Finally, when posting videos, go to the YouTube page and look for the share link for that video. Copy and paste that link, and the video will appear here. I'm fine with videos. I'm less fond of links posted that make people go elsewhere to see stuff. It's more work for the viewer. If the video does not appear, try again until you get it right. 

As the police like to say, thank you for your assistance in this matter. :smile:



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