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Legend Vs Equinox 900 Park Hunt

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Following the links you posted, I came across the following from one of your posts:




I find the whole George Payne way of conceptualizing things to be rather out of date myself. That was back in the day when only one thing mattered - detecting coins. Silver coins in particular. So he was looking at frequency, and most importantly, coin size targets.

If you do that, fix target size, you get the false idea that frequency corresponds to type of metal. Nickels respond here. Gold coins here. Copper coins here. And the biggie, silver coins here. That's how the first coin discriminators were conceived. But it has also lead to this mythology that frequency corresponds to metals. Gold is high frequency, silver low frequency.

No, it's not. There is no correlation between frequency and type of metal if you do not fix the size at some artificial limit. In fact, gold ranges from ground readings all the way to so-called silver readings. If you fix the metal type, frequency corresponds to size. Low frequency big gold, high frequency small gold.


That's interesting to me, because detector manuals say similar, yet so many people equate frequency with conductivity.

After a long metal detecting absence, I got back into it only about a year ago. I read a lot of the online manuals for the newer detectors, and one thing that stood out, was most manuals stated that low frequencies are better for LARGE silver coins. 

That clearly indicates that the desired target size is a major factor when it comes to frequency selection. It also means that higher frequencies can detect small targets (like coins on edge)  better than lower frequencies. That may explain why I've seen posts of park hunters using low frequencies, then switching to higher frequencies and finding more coins in the same area.

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I want to clarify what I wrote earlier in the first post. I said that the Equinox 900 in Park 1 found 16 coin targets that I had missed with the Legend using Park M3. Two of those targets were near surface targets that were totally my fault. I just missed them due to poor swing overlap or I didn't get close enough to a tree trunk.

I am confident that the Legend hit those other "missed" targets. 

Three of my hunt parameters were 4 way directional swing repeatable IDs and audio, I was concentrating on the small gold jewelry to US nickel target ID range and also the US zinc penny to the highest target ID range. 

Any targets that did not meet those parameters were passed over and left in the ground. There were hundreds. I am certain that for whatever reason, those 14 US coins were not detected by the Legend within those preset parameters.

I don't want to get into what those reasons were. That was not the point of this hunt or report. I was just trying out some settings and modes on these detectors that I hadn't previously been able to explore. 

Hopefully some of you get something out of this report.


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