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Bubonic Plague Found Near Tahoe

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Odd thing.  How did they catch that flea?  Why did they happen think to test it?  Where the chipmunks suddenly dying?  Just wondering?  

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I heard this on the radio and now I have the link that gives recommendations.  Thanks.

The Forest Service does a regular job of checking dead rodents.  They have flea traps and the plague is found in some location nearly every year.

How many cases of plague occur in the United States? Globally?

Plague was first introduced into the United States in 1900. Between 1900 and 2012, 1006 confirmed or probable human plague cases occurred in the United States. Over 80% of United States plague cases have been the bubonic form. In recent decades, an average of 7 human plague cases are reported each year (range: 1-17 cases per year). Plague has occurred in people of all ages (infants up to age 96), though 50% of cases occur in people ages 12–45. Worldwide, between 1,000 and 2,000 cases each year are reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), though the true number is likely much higher.


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Last summer I backpacked the John Muir Trail. When I started the trail in Yosemite they had already found several animal cases there. Warning signs posted all around Yosemite. Areas close for spraying also. Actually there where Plague warning signs all along the trail. I questioned the Yosemite rangers when I got my permit. They said that the Plague has always been there. Just not usually human cases.

I Observed Plague warning signs near the Golden Trout Wilderness two weeks ago when I was there.

Been backpacking for 35 years and can not recall seeing Plague signs in the Sierra's before. Makes me feel uneasy on long trips. I don't like to however I now use Sawyer Permethrin clothing spray and DEET.

Here is a news release from the forest service last year. https://www.nps.gov/yose/learn/news/california-department-of-public-health-investigates-human-plague-case.htm

Here is a CNN report and there video on the Plague last summer in Yosemite. http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/18/health/yosemite-plague/index.html

I was in Yosemite September 3rd 2015 to started my backpacking trip. By that time a few human cases reported and I think 2 deaths form the Plague. When I finished on the 26th there where no reports of Plague around the Whitney Zone just signs at the trail heads. 

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I had no Idea it was out there in our wild places.  Will bring my Permethrin for sure.  

Thanks for the info. 

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Plague and other rodent diseases have always been in the West. Never pet or feed those cute little rodents. Do not camp in old buildings that have rodents nesting and never stir up the dust in those places...

Often time Doctors will not recognize the symptoms until it is too late...


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We always get a couple of human cases every year here in New Mexico.


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