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Day 2 Gold Prospecting Scotland May 2016

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Hey Goldgrabber

First I want to thank you for the video. You have enough water to run a fair size dredge. So is there anything blocking you from doing it other than money for one ? My trouble when I see gold I'm ready to find a way to run more material..

Again thanks and come back more for show and tell.


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I'm not sure if I should put this in the form of a question or a statement..
OK -- Question it is:

Is there a reason I don't understand or know about that after removing alll the top rock prevents you from sliding into a diving mask to see under water so you can finish the job you started by grabbing a crevasing tool in order to clean out all those now exposed lovely trapping cracks..?

Just wondering is all, since I have the feeling the majority of gold in that spot is still down there waiting for you to go back n get it..


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After making the video and seeing some of the crevices I didn't get my pump into, I'm thinking of going back and doing just that, sniping for gold is allowed as is any physical material removal (only from the water, bank digging is banned), anything powered is banned hence no dredges or highbankers etc.  I have a full face snorkel mask I bought  (rather than the usual eyes/nose mask) and a used (and untested) drysuit but I'd want someone else there with me if I was going to do anything like that, certainly wouldn't want to shift something and a rock fall on your head or trap you without some help on hand and it's a very remote area, I saw just 4 people the entire time I was working the area over 3 days

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