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Minelab X-terra Pro Vs Nokta Simplex

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A few years ago who would have thought the Simplex would seem over-priced and Minelab release a detector better value than Nokta? That's how dramatically the landscape has changed. 

I think the Simplex needs a massive price reduction which makes it not really viable I guess or it needs switching frequencies now to compete.  The timing of these alternative Simplex models couldn't have been worse, with the X-terra beating them to market and being superior to even the "best" Simplex model in almost every way.


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I played with the simplex in my yard and i don't think it has much depth,  I've been laid up for most of 2 years and hunts are short and not able to go till i get a complication from total knee replacement fixed.  Thinking about trading my nox 800 for the pro and a set of phones.   At least i would have a warranty and not have to spend much more money i don't have.  I can live without Multi-Q for a year or so and it might be M/L will get a grip on supply and bugs.

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6 hours ago, dsb said:

I played with the simplex in my yard and i don't think it has much depth.

Mirrors my results, the Simplex is not even remotely deep for me, anything with any depth that it does detect it gets no ID on or with the alternative firmware just displays random ID numbers all over the place on deep targets.  Targets other detectors identify easily it has no idea what they are if it sees them at all.  Yes, it's an entry level detector but other detectors in its class do it fine, even cheaper detectors.

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  • The title was changed to Minelab X-terra Pro Vs Nokta Simplex

I like Nokta and Minelab. The xterra when it first hit the scene was one of the first units to just offer a number ID only readout that was large and easy to see. 

I found some of my favorite finds with the xterra 50. 

I am looking forward to the new xterra and will be purchasing one. 

I liked the eq series as well but when I had one of those I used it in SF mode only for the most part. 

I think for what the new xterra offers....it will put a pretty good smack on a lot of the competition.

And from what I have saw on youtube....the lucky fellows who has tried one out already on the beach....it seems to run pretty stable on the wet sand. 

For a cool unit under 300 bucks.....I think i would rather have that than just about anything out there in the same price range.

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...I had not seen this thread.

Minelab has hit the table with the X Terra Pro. There is no arguing.


I have used an Anfibio Multi for two summers (600 h.). I fired the Legend with a month of use according to the clock (about 700 hours) and now X Terra Pro. I'm on my way to 200 h. 

The use has been exclusively on the beach and the locations are the same...

The X Terra Pro has already got more Gold than the other two machines combined. That is a fact.


It is true that the years have passed, I have been learning, some other unit has passed fleetingly and I have also owned a Nox 800 since 2019 (probably with more than 2000h). The factory battery lasts me less than 4 hours...Comparing an Anfibio Multi or a Legend with the X Terra when diving is simply impossible. There is no color...

They are all great machines and I have been in love with all of them. And now to my age and arriving as a resignation to a pre-order of a Manticore this young lady came into my life.

Life gives many surprises...





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