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Sale Pending! Nokta Makro Pulse Dive

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This hand Pulse Dive detector was a gift to me and I think I got it Christmas before but not sure. I do know it has never been used and you can see that how slick the bottom of the coil is.

 I’m asking 125.00 ship free to your home address in the lower 48. For payment I’ll take usps money order are a personal check. I’ve always made sure to keep it charged like everything else that has a internal battery .

 If you have any questions just PM me . Chuck 







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Guys I’ve had one offer on this beautiful hand detector and I just had to turn him down.

 Here you got a Pinpointer if need one and that alone is worth 125 dollars.

 Now just take a look at that beautiful yellow shining back at you and think how good you going to look in the water with it . That’s not counting all the treasure you going to find. All of that should be worth another 100 dollars.

 Did you look at the bottom of that coil and see how smooth it is. It again is like the other parts it’s more than I can express in words but we’ll truly say it’s got to be worth another 100 dollars. 

 I don’t know what all this adds up to but I really shouldn’t be selling this beautiful detector less than a Thousand Dollars.

 But today and today only I will let you have this Sorry I’m loss for words 125 dollars.

 Yes I know that’s what I’ve been asking for it . You got!

 No I’m not taking any less for it !

 But thanks for looking.


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Thats a great price for the Ridge Runner, if I did not already have that kit I would pick it up

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