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Good morning,

I am reaching out to everyone for some help to determine what new product line is out there that would help you grow. So would some of those products be a small excavator, mini loader, larger trommels or high bankers? I don't mean the large items like the Gold Rush guys, I mean the mini sized equipment line or if you already have mini equipment, what about a larger (mini wash plant) or what about a small 10 yard per hour trommel. Please weigh in, send me some feed back and and let's see if we can come up with at the least one item to add to our adventures.

Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day.   

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 O.K. I'll bite. I have all of the toys you mentioned. I have proven claims. I am smart enough to know I'm not very smart and that any mining boils down to hard work. And if something is made out of metal and burns diesel I can probably fix it. But where I mine that isn't enough.

What I need more than anything is a repellent for the Poly Ticks.

I'll think about your query and maybe I'll have a more useful reply.

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