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Share Favourite Photos From Your Gold And Relic Trips

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17 hours ago, Gerry in Idaho said:

Been lucky to travel a little with metal detector.

Below - 1st pic is Positano, Italy and I detected the beach.  Found some coins and a sterling ring.AdvItaly.thumb.jpg.20d63088cc9d21e469ff346c3fe39c89.jpg


2nd pic (below) is my 1st ever one ounce gold nugget.  Found on the runway at Ganes Creek, Alaska.



3rd pic (below) is from Australia and the hot ground.



4th pic is from BahamasAdvBah1.thumb.JPG.df3519bffaea01276b34359b63c49631.JPG


Detecting England in the early Spring Rains and some of the success from the group trip.




Interior of Mexico and the soldiers watching over/protecting the goldAdvMX1.thumb.jpg.75e0453c17e012582a1042e9d8cb209a.jpg


Anyone been around old mining should know what this is...MXAdvMX2.thumb.jpg.704a6c0bec6c460abf7062550673a371.jpg


Lake Tahoe and the rock statues watching the gold. AdvTahoe1.thumb.jpg.f6a071fdc6c14655104f4652a4f09943.jpg


I was able to earn a little yellow heavy metal from Lake Tahoe.



Last pic - My CTX-3030 says something metallic in the rock.


Thanks for sharing those amazing pics of your detecting exploits Gerry. You are definitely a well travelled exponent of our fantastic hobby. 👍

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12 minutes ago, geof_junk said:

Some Photos from Vic and WA Aus.

Whites 6000D and Aus Whites GoldMaster from early 1980s on the beach after Gold jewellery.


Panning South of Ballarat. Note proper Steel Gold Pans.  😁 


VIC. Claim I took out after finding 26+ oz in one day.


The brother-in-law on claim.


WA.  Where I found my largest bit, 3500 gm with nearly 17 ounces of gold. 


General Area of above.


Same area but wide view of general spot.


A photo that was used on another forum that has now gone the way of many others.


Four hundred small bits about 0.3 to 0.4 gm each.


I bet you wish gold was $2000US back then.....$$$$$$

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  • 4 weeks later...

Faraway on the distant foreshore I found my first arrowhead on an

outing with family and friends.June the 5th 1959 my eighth birthday and I still have it.



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On 4/23/2023 at 7:52 PM, 1515Art said:

6 months found it at rhy patch 

I just came back from a short 2 day trip there and found the same thing ... as far as gold is concerned!

The 6000s have got it all!  I did see some antelope.  

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