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TDI SL Training Video's Question

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I bought my TDI SL just as White's was closing.  Due to other time commitments I have had only limited time to learn the machine.  Reading various posts here and on other forums I realize that there are a lot of techniques that I need to learn, whether for gold, relics or coins.  My primary interest is gold, but I occasionally search for relics and coins.  I have tried searching this forum for information on techniques and videos but no luck.  When I use the search term "TDI SL"  I do not find any results.  I have found just a few videos on YouTube.  Any guidance on search terms, links to training videos here or elsewhere, or links to text on techniques would be greatly appreciated.  I realize that I may have missed the obvious, and if that is the case, I apologize in advance.  Thanks for the help.

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Here's a good one on coin detecting:

Although this was written before the SL model was released, it's still relevant.

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