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16 hours ago, Joe Beechnut OBN said:

It is the same .. first edition, if you got one that works and... it last for you... it will find the gold in the right place and if used correctly. That's a lot of variables to get aligned, which many found they could not get all working together and that equals many unhappy AQ owners. Its up to Fisher to correct their end if they want to turn this around, and selling the remaining "First Edition" is not what a company should be doing if it cared about their customers.

Yes, the opportunity is gone Joe, the only one who can help is Eric Foster. Reg Sniff, he could help too, but he was expert in field, but he had a great generosity, he would help. I'm pretty sure there is many who are talented somewhere else in planet. 

There is will there is way. 


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23 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I feel like we had a deal with First Texas. We sign up for this pay to play prototype thing. Our reward was to be able to give feedback, resulting in an improved product. Both First Texas and us end users would ultimately benefit. I and others kept our end of the deal. First Texas so far has not kept theirs.

Steve brings up a good point about the First Texas "bait and switch."  I simply do not understand why the company refuses to engage potential customers on any level.  They create web sites that die with no activity and zero updates.  They sparodically allow a couple of select users to post results of their hunting but do not follow up in any way.  They create small groups of inmpressive videos on a new product and then nothing.  Not that they need someone as proactive as Dilek, who is an amazing force, but there are other ways to go to engage your consumer base.   Look what Garrett has done with Steve Moore.  He is good on camera, ACTUALLY hunts, and posts videos from timt to time.  Garrett also engaged Steve on the Axiom. 

Meanwhile, back at the First Texas ranch, they do...nothing...


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I think with VLF's they've accepted defeat, maybe they don't have the engineering talent to be competitive, maybe they don't have the money to invest in the R&D required or just simply don't want to do so.    They seem to have taken a step back from making detectors and are perhaps focusing on their other part of the business.   They can just ride out their old models until people stop buying them and any sale is a bonus now as they've long recovered R&D money.

They have a good base product with the Impulse if they can get it to market in a new form but we have to be realistic, it's not their product, it's someone else's that they were and are possibly going to produce and with that comes complications.

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Maybe there is a completely new machine in the works for us water hunters and we might just be pleasantly surprised in the end. Since none of us are physicists, maybe we don’t quite understand what is involved in the development of the new waterproof AQ we all desire. Touch pad controls, drop in batteries, new coil design, a screen to look at, hmmmm.

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Anyone had an out of warranty repair done yet - maybe for the potentiometer problem? Wondering what the cost will be when it’s my turn.

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