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Pi Detectors Rule For Gold, Mostly, I Have Another Target In Mind

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1 hour ago, GB_Amateur said:

You got that right and I wonder why you've been hiding it from us.  I'd have been bragging on the forum a day or two after getting home.  As I mentioned fairly recently where someone found a 1923-S, pre-1925 SLQ's with date showing at all are tough finds.  Yours is a (relatively speaking) common date+mintmark but the condition is superb for a circulated coin.  I'm not going to attempt a (likely) innaccurate grade, but look at those stars on the shield, detail in the chain mail vest and rest of the clothing.  How about the beading around the rim?  Probably not a 3 digit valued coin (on an open market like Ebay -- worth looking though) but easily 10x bullion value.  And then there's the display value.

Yeah.  Even though it was not a CW period find, it was definitely the find that made my hunt.  I could not believe the shape it was in when I flipped the plug.  Best condition of any pre-1950 silver I've ever dug, much less an SLQ.  You rarely find coins at these DIV sites, but this was a new site, so quite a few coins were dug.

I have a backlog of 2023 finds and adventures to write about, including that DIV.  Have had some other things going on in life lately.

It was the sweetest, smoothest sounding low tone on the Axiom and I honestly thought I was digging a CW lead minie ball or round ball.  It was down almost a foot in fairly wet lowland soil a few hundred feet from the Rappahannock River that was the strategic natural barrier that separated the North and South army units engaged in the battle. 

Best coin I've ever found with a PI.

Anyway, Axiom covered all the bases and many of those artillery frags (which ring up counterintuitively with a high tone) were very deep but very audible.

Axiom (and more importantly my arm and shoulder) kept on chugging all day long.  Long after I would have normally put down the GPX and shifted over to my Deus 2 or Equinox.

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On 5/11/2023 at 9:00 PM, Rick Kempf said:

I am thinking a ML PI with a more modern battery arrangement which I could manage to legally get on the plane.

Axiom. Runs two days at least on internal battery, no problems getting on plane in carry on. 4.2 lbs, collapses to 25" or breaks down to a bit less if you pull off coil and rods.


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