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Picked Up A Legend Issue Out Of The Box

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My "updated" Legend arrived today from a reputable Canadian vendor. Opened it up to find out they just put a sealed lg30 coil and a sealed shaft, armrest. The main unit still has the plastic film on it but I swear it had dirt on it.

Came from a Fisher F22, now I know it's gonna be a learning but is my Legend supposed to be chirping randomly when it's on? It seems to only do it in multi frequency mode.聽

Or did they sell me a used bad unit that got returned? Thanks!

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The chirping is most likely EMI.聽

The F22 is a single frequency detector. Single frequencies are typically far less prone to EMI than SMF. Now that you are using a SMF detector, you're going to learn about EMI real quick聽馃榿. When I switched from a single frequency detector, to a SMF Vanquish 540 and a Legend, I was taken aback at how much SMF picks up EMI.

You can determine if it's EMI by switching to a single frequency. If the noise decreases in SF, then it's EMI. Combatting EMI typically means using a smaller coil, reducing the sensitivity, or switching to a SF.

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Do a noise cancel scan then choose m1 freq, park and pick out what tones you want to use and go to town swinging it. You will forget about that fisher in no time.

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