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Goodaye mate ill be running a new dryblower in the wa goldfields christmas, can you tell me please the best mesh size used on the primary (top) screen, guessing 15-20 mm

I can go a little bigger I have a rotary chain crusher directly under my primary screen

Thanks Majindi

Thanks mate now read the rest of your post sizes are there , vid looks great.

Regards Majindi

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    • By GB_Amateur
      Last night I read a very interesting (IMO) article by Chris Ralph in the June, 2019 issue of the ICMJ (https://www.icmj.com/) titled "How Long Does It Take to Find and Recover an Ounce of Gold".  There are a lot of caveats Chris lists, which makes it dangerous for me to summarize what was written.  Further, there is a fine line between showing results from a magazine/journal which needs money to stay afloat and requiring interested parties to simply pay for a subscription.  IMO, anyone halfway serious about searching for native gold (and there's more there than just gold) should be a subscriber.  Most importantly, his estimates certainly depend upon the ground you are covering -- this should be obvious to everyone and I hope simply mentioning it will squelch any attempt to quibble at his results. Basically there is a lot of uncertainty around Chris's numbers, which he is well aware of, but it's still interesting to hear from an expert who has used all of these methods countless times.  I was surprised at some of his estimates.  In order longest (least efficient) to shortest:
      Panning:  42 hrs,
      Metal Detecting:  40 hrs,
      Sluicing/Highbanking:  30 hrs,
      Dry Washing:  30 hrs,
      Dredging:  20 hrs,
      Hard Rock Mining:  8 hrs.
      I think it's worth emphasizing that this is a time efficiency, not a cost efficiency.  Panning is clearly the least expensive with hard rock mining by far the most.  Chris also points out that the leadup time/research/preparation & cost are vastly different -- hard rock mining being the obvious extreme.
    • By TXAUHunter
      Hello Everyone!  I am new to the forum and to metal detecting/prospecting.  Hoping to meet some local folks with the same interests and everyone in between!
      Chris Mitchell (TXAUHunter)
    • By DSMITH
      been thinking about purchasing a dry washer and seen the whippet dry washer on another site was curious if anyone has any experience with the Whippet Drywasher 
      looks like it would be a pretty light little unit
      thanks for any and all input on it
    • By Giddiup
      Hi Guys,
      My mate has an EZ Pickens backpack style dry blower vac. Hasn't been used in a long while. Its a wild looking piece of equipment, looks like a jet pack! I have been unable to find any information, manuals, value etc for it and wanted to put the feelers out overseas to see what i can find. Google only shows up some old private sales and its mentioned in a few threads...nothing in google 'images' either. I would like to clean it up, value it and see where to from there.
      Any assistance much appreciated:)
    • By AzViper
      I got into prospecting kinda hot and heavy. I like to build all my own equipment mainly cause I can at a much lower cost and have a better product than whats being sold commercially. I know this forum is mainly geared towards the prospector swinging a metal detector, if Steve does not mind I would like to post the how to build the Viper-Vac here in these forums. I also built this trommel and many other tools I use.

    • By LukeOzDigger
      Hey everyone, just wanted to start a new topic on Drywashing for gold in Australia.
      Here's a video of me and my mate Pete out on a quick overnighter' it's still dry enough here at the moment but finding time to get out before it starts raining might stop us from more footage this season.
      Steve' feel free to move it to a more relevant section if needed, also if others want to add info video's etc to the same topic feel free just keep the topic on Australia.
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