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Digger Bob

The Value Of Networking

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We all know it, but how many of us actually do it?  I'm talking about asking your friends and total strangers about places to hunt.  Many old timers know about places that no one else does.  And they know other people who know places, and they know people, and so on.  Once you gain their trust and are honest and straightforward with them, all kinds of doors can be opened to you.

Here is a perfect example;  It's actually a long story how this came about but suffice to say, this little piece came from an "estate" that her late husband had acquired many years before.  This, along with several antique tools, were bought for less than $50.  She had no use for them anymore and had no family members that were interested.

I've looked online for similar items but haven't found anything this big or impressive out there.  There is a small label on the back that says "Anaconda mine".  No idea which one as there are at least three of them in the west.  In the direct sunlight the display of color is breathtaking!



Copper .JPG

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    • By zhangxiaotong
      Hello everyone, I am a treasure hunter from the Loess Plateau in northern China. I am very happy to come here to meet you. With my current simple experience, I cannot determine the use of a machine suitable for our local soil. I would like to ask all the experts to consult.  The pure loess plateau here is less mineralized, the soil layer is pure, and there are very few rocks. I am currently optimistic about the machines, Whites Spectra v3i, AKA SiGNUM MFD, mostly Xp35 and Minelab. I want to buy a deep  A good machine is mainly looking for silver coins and copper coins. I hope you can give excellent suggestions. In addition, I want to know if the depth of the Whites TDI SL pulse machine can exceed V3I and Aka. Please give excellent suggestions from friends who have used it.  I will be grateful for this, thank you all!

    • By microsniper
      Hey All,  Iv been trying to locate a Refiner here in the USA that can process a small batch of placer gold (2oz) and fabricate some 18/22k jewelry stock.     I am an amateur jeweler and have tried many times to smelt my hard earned gold into some usable material and have not had any luck thus far.     So, I know I can send it off to a refiner and get generic stock back but the point is to use my own gold for some special pieces.      I know someone else out there has gone down this road before, and i would so appreciate a lead on  a reputable refiner/fabricator.    
    • By Dino Roy
      Hi - I have  a mint Coinmaster 1 TRDX machine that I got at a yard sale. It has all of the components and fired right up with fresh batteries. I was just tying to find out when it is from exactly but can't seem to find it online. It has a Date of GG. It's a fun machine to use as it brings back old memories as a kid in the 1970's out finding stuff with a similar machine my buddy had. 
      Thank you in advance for your time, Dino
    • By TreasureHunter5
      My great grandfather was into detecting and I am thinking of getting into it. It seems fun to get outside, to get away from life, and be with people I like. The potential to find great treasure is very exciting. The whole hunt and surprise of what you will find is exciting! What do you think? Should I get into it? What would be good starter tools.
    • By N7XW
      I took my new F19 out for a spin at the creek and it failed me 😢  Didn't even find one nugget.  I guess I'll have to send it back as defective!
      All kidding aside, it was a good time detecting and panning the creek bed.  Hot rocks were terrible though.  I consider myself a competent coin shooter, but hunting for little specs of gold in all metal mode with a highly sensitive machine is somewhat new to me.  The hot rocks were horrible.  I kinda started noticing the difference between them and "good" targets.  Still, how do you guys deal with this?  I tried ground balancing over them and that helped a little, but certainly not a solution.  I turned down the sensitivity to about half and that helped, but I really don't like giving up that kind of depth.  I'm thinking a smaller coil may be better?
      Any tips are appreciated.  Thanks.
    • By bigtim1973
      Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Prospecting for gold is something I have always wanted to do. However, I do not think I will ever get the chance to go out west and try it out.
      So with that said, I have a few questions about electronic prospecting with a detector.
      how much does it supplement your income?
      What about chiggers and ticks, do you have to deal with those pesky critters too out in dry climates?
      Other than your machine and digging stuff, what else does one take along while prospecting for those just in case you need it scenarios?
      Do you hunt mostly on a claim or public land?
      Sorry if this is downright boring for some of you but it is something I have wondered about.
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