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I Keep Getting Knocked Off The Forum!

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3 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:


 I couldn’t agree with you more but I’ll have to get with my daughter to go over with it again on what she done.


I'm sure she can tell you in simplified terms what she did such as "enabled cookies" 🙂


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The problem I was having here I was having the problem on Rob’s forum.

 My thinking that I could delete whatever off my iPhone what I got as favorites and that would clear my problem. My Daughter let me know it’s not that simple.

 She went into my main phone settings and then to Safari settings . Then clicked on clear history and website data . But before she done that she said I may lose other things than just the forums. I told her I didn’t care as long it fixed me getting knocked off .

 Well it didn’t but it did clear up some other problems I was having with my phone.

 After she access both forums and so far I haven’t had anymore trouble.



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When they say do you want to accept the cookies..absolutely oatmeal and raisin or peanut butter please...I'm terrible with computers lol Glad your daughter got you all straightened out Chuck. 


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