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Problem With My Apex

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Looks like I have to send my beloved Apex Demo unit to the factory. In the past couple of weeks, I've noticed really faint tones in the background but nothing shows on the screen. I thought maybe it was designed that way because the signal wasn't strong enough to show a reading so the tone was softer. The problem is, I don't remember it doing that before.

Mary @ Customer Service spoke with one of the Techs who said it wasn't normal and to try a Factory Reset which I did when it first started doing it.  

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That does sound somewhat odd.  Let us know the outcome once they receive the machine and diagnose it.  It could be helpful for other Apex users down the road.  
When the Viper coil went bad on my machine, it was nearly new, and chattered uncontrollably.  Garrett sent me a new coil and a return tag to ship the failed coil back to them.  Been working fine ever since, 3yrs old now.  I’ve had no other issues or problems with it.  

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