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Take A Day Off, Forum Crashes

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My computer thanks you for getting the forum up and running again. Initially it was getting blamed for not being able to log on and temporarily had a death sentence hanging over it's head. (hammer in hand!) When I realized that it was just DP with the problem, it got a pardon. 

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14 hours ago, King-Of-Bling said:

I went out and got a DUI because of this.

They tried that with me and since I had a prescription bottle with me they didn't know if they should do a blood test or breath test. They decided to flip a coin and when it came down it rolled to the curb and stood on edge, so they let me go.

Take it to court and just plead insanity while standing in front of the judge wearing your wife's dress and high heels.

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 I've heard rumors that Mr. H. was off associating with a nefarious gaggle of prospectors and not tending to business. I know that Mr. Condor was a renown criminal investigator, so perhaps he could look into the matter.

 I, myself, didn't know the forum was down as I was out doing what the rest of you should be doing.


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