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Help Identifying This Brooch (?)

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I found this at a 100 year old school site in rural northern Alberta, Canada.



It looks like some type of cruciform brooch. There are the remains of a simple pin and latch on the back.

It has a bit of a bronze blue/green patina on the back.

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It looks nice. Show of it picture of it cleaned.

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Like Rick says try to clean it up some more and take some pictures of it, that way we might be able to match it on Google.

My first guess is a broach that pins a scarf together for a woman, my second guess is a fraternity pin of some organization. The second guess is based on the time period and the way some high class men wore their clothes.

Also if you can tell us if it base metal or what it my be made of would help.

Good luck on cleaning it without damaging it. 

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This is about as clean as it gets.

I'd say it's bronze or brass. Possibly it was gold gilded.

There's a bit of blue reflective finish in the upper "squares".

It might have been jewel encrusted in the small holes, or maybe just some reflective gold paint.

Ill probably donate it to the local museum.




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I would soak it in warm hydrogen peroxide overnight. I wonder what that indented area is on the back.

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That item held rhinestones and the blue coloring is the old glue base.

I still believe that it could be for a man's jacket, but with the stones that were used more than likely a dime store piece for ladies.

I have seen similar items with more than 2 colors on it in the shape of a cross that pinned the same way.

Still looking for a photo for it.

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Soaked in hydrogen peroxide, then ultrasonic cleaned.

I agree, probably a cheap piece.

This community was at the end of the railroad. Most of the early settler stuff came from a Sears catalog.

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